– Man’s best friend – the best animal in the world.

I have always liked dogs from a very young age. However, I did not get a chance of owning a pet on my jobitel.com own. As I grew up, my passion for dogs grew more and more.


That happy moment finally did come, when I got through my high school with flying colours. My father asked me what I wanted as a gift.

Yes! You guessed it right…… without any hesitation, the answer just sprang like lightning from my mouth,”a dog!” (I could have asked for a Ferrari or a Lamborghini! But dogs are far more valuable!)

I did get a dog – A Pomeranian. My happiness found no boundaries. The puppy kept me busy. Trying to keep jobitel him clean and tidy, drew my interest in grooming. I did several job fairs near me trial and errors on my own poor dog.

Over the past years I have had many dogs. My interest in grooming grew more and more when I owned Toy http://xjobs.org/ Poodles where I needed to improve my skills ( The country I was born & lived did neither have a grooming salon nor a school to learn) So it as self taught at the beginning through books on grooming. Later I owned two Australian Silky Terriers which needed frequent grooming.

I love my precious pets Nano and Chane – whom I enjoyed bathing, grooming and keeping tidy. I loved doing this, which prompted me to advance my skills and get better https://xjobs.org/ knowledge in grooming as my pets were show cased in many dog shows in Sri Lanka. My friends, and especially my husband encouraged me to gain more knowledge in grooming and expand my skills and capabilities.

Years later I followed a course in Dog xjobs Grooming at TAFE in Sydney, where I gained more knowledge both on theoretical and practical side of grooming. I learned how to handle https://xjobs.org/ them, bath them, what types of shampoos and conditioner to be used on different types of coats etc., I also gained a lot of practical know-hows about grooming various kinds of dogs.

Here I am now with all these experiences and my immense love for dogs to serve your furry friends.